Many think that onboarding starts on the new hire's first day. That's actually not the case. Onboarding starts before that; preparing a new hire for their first day is part of onboarding. What's the dress-code? What should they expect on their first day? What do they need to bring with them?

With ChiefOnboarding, you can build content rich pages to show to your new hire. These can include files to download, forms to fill in, videos to watch and more!

Prepare your new hire

A simple introduction is often forgotten, yet so important! Describe the company dress-code, what their first days will be like, and where they should be before the start of their first day.


Still sending emails with tasks? It gets messy and confusing, fast. Not to mention it's almost impossible to track progress. Our to do items got you covered!

Resources and courses

Forget the unorgainzed mess in the cloud. Organize information for new hires with out resources area, or them all they need to know through courses.

A colleague directory

New hires only know one or two people through the recruitment process. Introduce your entire company through the colleague directory. Phone extensions, email addresses... it's all there!

Reward and engage

It's overwhelming and not fun to walk through all of the information and to do items. Keep your new hires motivated and engaged by rewarding them with badges!

Set up workflows

Too much information too soon can be overwhelming for new hires. ChiefOnboarding avoids this by drip-feeding to do items over time, or when an item is completed. Best of all, they are easy to create!