Let's make new hires feel welcome

Send out the invite

Email and SMS

You can choose to either send out the invitation to the first part of their onboarding plan via email or text. Tailor the message to your needs.

Before they start

Prepare them

Tell about the company, about the vision, culture and colleagues. Before their first day is the best time to tell them about the dress code, the expectations for the first few days and where the best place to park is.

Complete forms

Want to get some information from your new hire before their first day? Great, you can build your own custom forms and gather any information you might need from them.

Everything they need in one place

Todo items and resources

Get them on track with all the things they have to do. Increase productivity, lower manual repetitive tasks and make it easier for your new hire.

Never overwhelm

With workflows, you can drip todo items and resources so your new hires only get to see stuff that is relevant to them at that point. This can be triggered based on time that has passed or when they completed a todo item.

A shared knowledge base for everyone

The knowledge base that is viewable for your new hires is also accessable for your existing employees, for free! You get to decide who sees what.

Introduce people

It can be quite awkward when your new hires run into the founders and then don’t recognize them. Let them know who is who! They can even lookup other employees, see their phone and/or email address and their title. All in one place. 

The colleagues directory is not only for new hires, but also for the rest of the team! 

Reward and engage

With our badge system, you can create your own badges and reward your new hire with them. Based on time or even after they completed a todo item. 

Keep them motivated to go through the onboarding period!

What are you waiting for?

Build an experience. Not a process.