Take care of your new hires,
so they take care of the company.

Good onboarding practices changes companies and everything around them. Building stronger teams and bringing talent to its full potential.

Employee onboarding software that does it all, with a focus on fast growing startups and remote working teams.

Employee onboarding is hard and very expensive.

A lot of the current solutions out there don't make it any better. We created a platform that works.
Don’t believe us? Let us prove it.

Most people think onboarding starts on day one.
We respectfully disagree.

You know how awkward it is when your new hire shows up in a suit when the whole company walks around in t-shirts and shorts? The first day can be very stressful and chaotic. You should prepare your new hire for that, before their first day. You can use our platform to send them to a custom page build for them where they can find all the information they need.

A checklist of things they need to complete.
Monitor and follow up.

Every onboarding process includes many tasks the new hire should do. From signing paperwork to reading through some material. You can create templates which you can reuse easily for multiple new hires. Keep track on their progress and keep it organized for the new hire.

So much information!
Give them some handles to fall back on.

Remember back in the day when you started? There is just so much information coming to you that will forget most it soon enough. Create resources to give them something to fall back on. This way, they won't feel confused or lost that easily.

Are you doing everything you can to make your new hire feel welcome?

Probably not. Let's make that easy for you while you save a lot of time and money!