Streamline employee onboarding

Onboarding a new hire is often complicated and chaotic, especially in remote teams. We will help you structure your onboarding process for IT, HR, managers, buddies, and, of course, your new hires.

We are completely independent (bootstrapped), European-based and open-source!

A journey. Tailored to your needs.

Create entire blueprints of what your new hire will go through within minutes. Simply drag and drop items into the timeline. Trigger new items based on a specific time and date or once a new hire completed a to do item. Avoid the overwhelming feeling of having to know and do so much for the new hire.

Simply add a blueprint to a new hire and they are ready to start!

Preboarding, todo items, resources, courses, badges…

Once they have started, you can have them complete to do items, resources and courses, reward them with badges and even send custom messages! Also don’t forget to prepare them for their first day with our preboarding module!

Provision user accounts and trigger webhooks

We have already created some of the integrations, you can also create your own! Even trigger your own webhooks. Check the ready to be used integrations here.


Too much information too soon can be overwhelming for new hires. ChiefOnboarding avoids this by drip-feeding to-do items over time, or when an item is completed. Best of all, they are easy to create!


Re-use previously created to do items, resources, courses, appointments and preboarding pages.

Customizable and brandable

Change color schemes, logos, email layouts and even use your own domain. ChiefOnboarding adapts to your company style.

Custom Slack bot

The Slack bot will keep your new hires posted. It’s entirely optional though, there is also a full-fletched dashboard. Either can be used standalone.

Privacy and freedom

Our source code is on Github. You are free to host ChiefOnboarding yourself and use your own providers. Completely in your control. All data stays with you.


Our system has been set up to work with hundreds of third party software products. Integrate your own webhooks or set up your own integrations with any provider.

Ready to get started?

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