Onboard through with our Slack bot

A whole new experience through Slack!

If you are using Slack, then you know that businesses live inside of Slack these days. So we figured, why not build the onboarding part inside of slack as well?

Another dashboard or app isn't going to make their life easier,
let's onboard your new hires through a platform you already use!

Introduce a new hire!

Sending a new hire a few personalized messages prior to working with them enforces team bonding early on and makes them more comfortable for their first day!

Welcome your new hire!

The first time we see your new hire in your Slack team, we will send them a welcome message. And of course, you can customize it.

Remind every day

Every day at 8AM, we will send your new hire a reminder of the tasks he/she needs to complete that day.

Reward them

Keep your new hires motivated and excited about the next step. Award them easily with badges.

Less questions

Less questions to you and a higher productivity because of our knowledge base in Slack! Let them search for what they are looking for without leaving Slack.