Onboard through Slack

Another dashboard or app isn't going to make their life easier, let's onboard your new hires through a platform that you already use!


Introduce a new hire!

Sending a new hire a few personalized messages prior to working with them enforces team bonding early on and makes them more comfortable for their first day!

Get answers

New hires can search through the resources that are assigned to them. They won't have to bother you as much!

Reward new hires

New hires need to do quite a lot to get them up to speed with the rest of the team. Rewarding them keeps them motivated.

Automated reminders

New hires are constantly reminded of things that need to be done through Onbooardingbot (you can change its name, color, and icon)!

Let's streamline the onboarding process together

Open-source, private and secure onboarding.