Simple, fair pricing.

Our open-source version is always free to use, but if you don’t want to worry about support or uptime, we are here for you.



Best for companies with a big IT department who won’t need any help.

  • Self-host ChiefOnboarding
  • Community support


Best for companies who want to keep control, but still be able to rely on support when they need it.

  • Self-host ChiefOnboarding
  • Priority Email Support

Best effort, but generally < 2 hours response time


Starting at



Best for companies who don’t want to deal with hosting.

  • Fully managed hosting
  • Priority email support
  • Automated updates and backups

All prices are excluding taxes and billed annually. Businesses located in the EU need to have a valid VAT ID.

Frequently asked questions

What is fully managed hosting and what are its limits?

Fully managed hosting means that we take over the hosting part for you. This includes maintaining, updating, and backing up the server. We make sure that the only thing you have to worry about is what you do on the platform (and we can even help you with that), not the things around it. Every customer gets completely isolated from others, which increases privacy and security. These servers run the same version of ChiefOnboarding as what is on Github.
There are no limits on software, but there are limits on the server itself. We monitor these servers and when they seem to get overloaded quite a bit, we will discuss upgrading with you. There are also some soft limits on email/text/storage/bandwidth, but those are generally not hit. In general, our smallest server can handle a few hundred active users per week.

Can I switch from self-hosted to managed and vice versa?

Definitely! You always have the option to export your data and import it on a new instance. We never ever lock you in. Open-source is freedom.

Can I get a free account?

You can host if by yourself, which makes it almost free (you only pay for the server and usage of text/email/storage/bandwidth). We, unfortunately, cannot give you a free account, since every account comes with a lot of expenses. On top of that, we want to continue working on ChiefOnboarding and, as harsh as it may sound, free users just don’t pay the bills.

What is community support?

Community support consists of support through issues on Github. Due to limited amount of time, we can’t get back to everyone.
With our managed hosting package you get email support.

I need a specific feature. Now what?

That’s great. Good to hear that you want to improve our platform. You have a few options here:

  1. If you are a programmer, you could build it and then create a pull request in our repository. We will review it and if we like it, we will merge it.
  2. If you are not technically, you can create an issue in the Github repository asking for this feature. There is a chance we will pick it up and build it.
  3. You can pay us to put this feature in the priority queue.