Manage new hires the easy way

Create Templates

Reuse templates for every new hire

No need to print out that paper every time. With our templates you can assign tasks, resources, introductions, appointments and workflows to your new hire with one click.

Group templates to collections

Create collections for specific roles or departments. Add all templates to those and then assign them easily to a new hire.

Build an experience

Drip items or do something based on action

With workflows you can allow things to happen based on time or when a new hire completes a todo. Reward your new hires through badges and add new resources or new todo items on the fly. 

You can also create todo items for yourself or for other administrators. Even send them a text message after a new hire completed a todo item!

Make it yours

Use your own color scheme and logo on every page

Make it look like it is part of your organization. Our employee onboarding system is completely brandable.

Use your own domain name

You get a free subdomain from us, but you can change this to whatever you like. For example:

A shared knowledge base for everyone

The knowledge base that is viewable for your new hires is also accessable for your existing employees, for free! You get to decide who sees what.

Provision accounts

Let us set up the new hire’s Google and Slack account for you. No need to ask your IT guy to do this. We will create them just before your new hire joins, so you never pay a dime too much.

If things wouldn’t work out between you and your new hire, then you can easily revoke access again from both applications. More integrations coming soon!

Never forget your tasks

Create your own todo list. Let others comment on it and complete tasks together. 

Never forget what you have to do for your new hires.

And so much more

Create new hires through your own private API, check progress of your new hires through our reporting modules and much more.