Save hundreds of hours in time while onboarding your new hires.
Create consistancy and get organized.

Never print tasks on paper again!

You can create todo items, resources, appointments and even introduce people to your new hires. You can reuse those for any new hire and add them with a single click. Adding new templates is just as easy. Just fill in the information you want to provide to them.

Can we save even more hours?

(the answer is yes)

With collections you can create a groups of templates that you can assign to your new hire easily. This way you can put specific tasks in one group and then add them to multiple new hires.

High five?

But what about the signatures and forms?

We got that covered.

Get all your paperwork, like w-2s and i-9s, signed by your new hires. Just upload the file.

This sounds good and all but what about the new hire?

I thought you would never ask.

One dashboard that has it all!

All those time and money saving features are nice, but in the end it’s all about the new hire. He or she is probably a perfect fit for the company whom you don’t want to loose. Let’s make that first impression lasting, shall we?

White label the dashboard. Choose your own color and upload your own logo.

Integrate it with all the cool stuff

Included for free. YASS!

A Slack bot that works the way you work.

We love Slack. If you do too, you can add this bot to your team and it will function just like one of your staff. It will give your new hire an update every morning with the todo items he/she has to complete that day and help your new hire through their onboarding period with everything they need.

Fancy, eh?


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