Manage your new hires the easy way


Create templates

Reuse templates for every new hire.

No need to print out that paper every time. With our templates you can assign tasks, resources, introductions, appointments and workflows to your new hire with one click.

Group templates to collections

Using multiple templates for a everyone in a similar role or department? Group your templates and assign all of them to a new hire easily.


Personalize templates

Templates are just... templates. Customize them per new hire. Add custom forms, make it personal and show them you actually care.



Automatically follow up with new todos or resources. Keep your new hire busy at their own pace.


Third party accounts

Create accounts for Google and Slack with a single click.

Advanced analytics

We implemented advanced analytics so you can keep track of your new hires easily. Never guess where they are at anymore.

Track progress

Easily see what your new hires have completed and what not. Send a reminder when needed.

Slack bot logs

See how your new hires are interacting with onboardingbot and create resources proactive.

All data on one page

All gathered data and insights viewable on one page.

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