Onboard your new hires faster than every before.

Prepare your new hires for their first day!

Give them some information before their first day, so they know what to expect. You can create forms to gather some information from them and add files. You can even let them sign PDF files and have them fill them in through our website.

Create templates and assign tasks to multiple people.

Having to print out all paperwork and redo all steps for every new hire doesn't make a lot of sense. We have made our workflow so simple, that you can create a complete onboarding roadmap for your new hires in literally seconds.

High five?

But what about the signatures and forms?

We got that covered.

Get all your paperwork, like w-2s and i-9s, signed by your new hires. Just upload the file.

Everything they need under one roof!

A checklist, resources, appointments and even introduce colleagues. Everything through one platform.

White label the dashboard. Choose your own color and upload your own logo.

Stop bombarding them with all tasks on the first day.

You can let things happen based on time or events. Show a new resource item after a todo has been marke done for example.

Don't scare your new hires away with a long list of things they need to do.

Allow and deny access to third party applications with a single click.

With nearly every onboarding process, there are accounts that need to be created for your new hire. With ChiefOnboarding you can create accounts for Slack and Google GSuite with a single click!

A Slack bot that works the way you work.

We love Slack. If you do too, you can add this bot to your team and it will function just like one of your staff. It will give your new hire an update every morning with the todo items he/she has to complete that day and help your new hire through their onboarding period with everything they need.

Fancy, eh?

This is just a glance over some of features. We have a lot more to show you.
How about a demo?